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Health Care Assistance

  • We are a COVID-19 Assistance Center.

  • We assist in the access of affordable health care to individuals in need.

  • We collaborate with Brockton Neighborhood Health Center on the HIV Project - providing information to the Cape Verdean community in Brockton and in Cape Verde about HIV and AIDS.

  • We collaborate with the Department of Public Health to provide information on Tuberculosis and Diabetes.

  • We are collaborating with Brockton Hospital on newly created health programs specific to our community.

  • We prepare and distribute pamphlets regarding health issues including information on agencies and health providers to be contacted.


Department of Public Health

Brockton Neighborhood Health Center

Good Samaritan Medical Center

Signature Healthcare - Brockton Hospital

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Your Support Means a Lot

Make a tax-deductible donation today and help support essential programs and services that

provide education, health, civic, social and human services to the Cape Verdeans

and other people residing in the greater Brockton area.

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