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The Cape Verdean Association of Brockton, Inc., established in 1977, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit community based organization, whose mission is to provide education, health, civic, social and human services to the Cape Verdeans and other people residing in the greater Brockton area.


Originally known as the Cape Verdean-American Association, Inc., the name was changed in 1991 to Associação Caboverdiana de Brockton, Inc. due to a merge with the New Cape Verdean Alliance, founded in 1989.

We are looking to expand, so that we may better serve our community.

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When the Cape Verdean Association of Brockton was created, in the late 1970s, the original members worked out of their basements and living rooms.


Eventually, the group moved into downtown offices. In 1999, they purchased its current headquarters on North Montello Street, along with an adjacent three-family family home that provides the association with rental income.


After restrictions were imposed from September 11, 2001, Moises Rodrigues believes the rate of immigration from Cape Verde has slowed but that the population “is steadily growing".


The Brockton association is practically "bursting at the seams" with its programming. Rodrigues said, "We can hold up to 25 students in our evening ESL classes, but 40 to 45 people are seek enrollment each time".


Right now, the largest hurdle to expansion is funding. Rodrigues said he and other group leaders are looking for grants, state and federal funding and any other available resources to get the project underway.


CVA of Brockton is chosen to participate in the Community Navigator Pilot Program. Utilizing a “hub and spoke” model from public health care federal programming, the SBA’s Community Navigator Pilot Program will help level the playing field for Brockton area small businesses, especially our underserved women, people of color, veterans, and low-income communities. The Cape Verdean Association “hubs” will serve as centralized, lead organizations and will incorporate “spokes” to leverage partnerships with deeply trusted community-based organizations to help small businesses navigate government resources and tap into critical resources.

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